Hindi Tv Serial Sanskaar Laxmi

Sanskaar Laxmi Hindi Tv serials on Zee tv

Sanskaar laxmi is actually a very interesting name being given to the serial, as the serial tells only about a girl named Lakshmi, who has been given a lot of Indian values or “Sanskaar”. The show was premiered on Zee TV from January 17, 2011 till September 8, 2011. It belongs to typical television drama genre.

The story is about a girl named Laxmi who comes from a rural background wherein she is not much educated and not very rich. However, she has a lot of common sense and worldly knowledge. She has a special quality of winning everyone’s heart, especially by remaining calm in any kind of situation. She always wears a smile on her face no matter whatever is the scene. Laxmi enters a Gujarati family based out in Mumbai, which per say is a joint family but there are no characteristics of the joint family. She enters the Purohit family as lawfully wedded wife of Angad.

As Lakshmi enters the family she sees that all the members do stay together but they have no connection with one another. The situation is much worse than that of a nuclear family. She takes the responsibility of bringing back all the members together and not letting the family fall apart. The story is basically about the problems Laxmi faces every time she tries to do something good, and the ways by which she is able to solve out all such problems. There is one friend of Laxmi, who is always there for her to pep her up in all the situations and that is her husband Angad. Angad is an MBA from New Zealand but down to earth person. He is very close to his family and works as a support system of Laxmi. The serial is also about the chemistry between Angad and Laxmi.

'Shakti Arora' As Angad: Shakti started his career in the year 2007 but he actually got recognition in the year 2009 with a serial named Baa Bahu and Baby. She has done several other serials, has walked the ramp walk and has also hosted two TV shows. The Versatility of Shakti has made him a successful face in the industry.

'Vibha Anand' As Laxmi: Vibha started off her career with the serial named Balika Vadhu , which went on to become the greatest hits of all times. After her roles in Balika Vadhu, she has done some 8 other serials wherein she has played the role of antagonist in a few of them. She also did a movie in the year 2010.