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Sajda Tere Pyar Mein had a beautiful storyline where a 21 year old, Aliyaa, realises her love for her nation by falling in love with a patriot. The first episode of the serial was aired on February 14, 2012, but because of low TRP had to be ended early. The last episode of the serial was broadcasted on June 16, 2012.

Aliyaa is a very cheerful girl who is full of life. She lives with her elder sister, and sister’s husband in Mumbai. She is studying Art from Mumbai and has a few close friends. There is this person named Ranveer who keeps a close eye on Aliyaa and she comes to know about this. One day she finally confronts Ranveer and then he tells him that he works as an undercover agent for Anti-terrorism Bureau and he needs Aliyaa’s help in capturing a Don. Initially Aliyaa denies the proposal but then she falls for Ranveer and accepts the offer.

The famous Don in here is the one who was involved in Mumbai blasts and could kill thousands of people just for money and power. He,however, had a weak point and that point was his wife Julia. Julia died a few years ago but the twist in the story was that Aliyaa’s face was same like that of Julia. Ranveer asked Aliyaa to go near the Don Mahendra Pratap and help in catching him. When Mahendra Pratap saw Aliyaa, he was reminded of Julia and he started getting close to Aliyaa. Mahendra was falling in the trap set by Ranveer and Aliyaa and also Ranveer started falling for Aliyaa but never confessed his love to her. Aliyaa got all the information from Mahendra and then told everything to Ranveer, and he was coming close to catching Mahendra. However, Mahendra comes to know about this fact and tries to kill Aliyaa, but then he is not able to do it as he loved her very much, and so he surrenders. After catching the Don, Ranveer confesses his love to Aliyaa and asks for her hand from Aliyaa’s elder sister. When Aliyaa’s elder sister comes to know about Aliyaa’s bravery, then she feels proud of her younger sister. The story end on a happy note where nobody is hurt and the culprit is caught.

'Deblina Chatterjee' As Aliyaa:Deblina is new in this show-biz and has done her first movie debut with a Bengali movie named Ami Aadu, which got the best movie award in the year 2011. Apart from Sajda, Deblina is recently acting in the serial named Balika Vadhu.

Shaleen Bhanot As Ranveer :Shaleen started his career with the youth reality show MTV Roadies in the year 2004 and from thereon he has done a few reality shows and has acted in a few serials. He basically has done small roles in various serials like Aahat and etc. Till date, he has done two movies.