Hindi Tv Serial Reporters

Reporters Hindi tv-serials on SONY ENTERTAINMENT

Reporters is a fiction based newsroom drama series that airs on the Indian channel Sony Entertainment Television and surprisingly on Sony Entertainment Television Asia. The show is heavily based on the renowned US television series, The Newsroom. The show has the actors Rajeev Khandelwal playing the male lead character of Kabir and Kritika Kamra playing the female lead character of Ananya as TV reporters. The producer of the show, Shristi Arya, states that she was inspired to create a show based on the life of a journalist after the met a reporter.

The show runs on a seasonal format. The male lead character of Kabir is inspired by the lives of Arnab Goswami and Rajdeep Sardesai. The story revolves around the environment of a newsroom with the backdrop of journalists Kabir Sharma and Ananya Kashyap. Ananya is initially a junior reporter working in KKN. Malvika (played by Megha Chatterjee) and a guy named Khalid (played by Bikramjeet Kanwarpal) run KKN. Malvika is the daughter of KL Prasad, who is the owner of KKN. Kabir also joins KKN as the editor-in-chief after working for the Delhi Kranti Newspaper for sometime. Kabir is known for his special news bulletins that he brings to the 9 pm show. He brings the special news bulletins of KKN to the highest ratings.

Ananya has an article that she carries around with her everywhere, which was written by Kabir many years ago in order to defend his father from the false accusations that were made about him regarding the corruption in a pharmaceutical company. It was that article by Kabir that inspired Ananya to become a journalist. Kabir and Ananya head for an interview with a farmer Baghi Madhurnath, who turned into a gunman. They believe that the interview would be useful for their channel and risk their safety to obtain it. Subsequently, Madurnath and his group abduct the reporters. Kabir manages to plot an intelligent scheme that helps them in an escape. They run into a jungle, and the abductors chase them into the jungle to catch them.

However, the fortunate intervention of the police leads to catching the abductors and Kabir, and Ananya makes it back to the KKN studio safely. The duo plans to conduct an interview with one of the gunman farmer’s henchmen who helped them escape from the jungle when he realized that he was wrong about abducting two reporters. In this adventurous process, Kabir and Ananya become blossoming friends from hating one another, and they eventually develop feelings each other without ever realizing it.