Hindi Tv Serial Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do

Other names of : Pyaar Ko Ho Jane Do Mahabharat

Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do belongs to the drama genre. It was a romantic show. Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor were the producers of the show. It started on 20 October 2015. Sony Entertainment Television aired the show from Monday to Friday at 9 pm. The show ended on 29 January 2016. It had Mona returning to fiction genre after a gap of two years on small screen. The show features the journey of Preet and Ishaan. It is the story of the Hoodas, a well-to-do Punjabi Family. They belong to an extremely successful business family based in Delhi. They have many businesses, but the main is the arms business with the Indian government. Ishaan is not the real child of Mr. & Mrs. Hooda; he is the nephew of Mr. Hooda. They have three children- Niti, Sid, and Trisha.

Ishaan and Preet are married, and they both are the backbone of the family. They are shown to be the perfect couple whose love is lost due to responsibilities. The story then focuses on how they rediscover their love with the help of their family. Ishaan lost his entire family in a tragedy including his wife, and after that, he got married to Preet, who lost her family too. Ishaan is shown as a perfect son, doting father, best brother, and great friend. But he has a deep dark mystery which is protected from all; it is about his identity. From the beginning of the show, he is shown to be in touch with a girl, which makes the audience think that he has an extra marital affair. However, the truth is that he is a spy from a neighbouring country, Pakistan (an ISI agent). His real name is Rizwan Ahmed Khan, who is made to think that his parents were killed by Indian agents. Real Ishaan died with his family, and since no one in Hooda family has seen real Ishaan due to the clash between the brothers, they are unaware of it. Preet and Rizwan are actually faking to be a perfect couple for Ishaan’s real daughter, Kavya. They fall in love with each other during their four years of marriage.

Rizwan tries very hard to fight his attraction as he knows that he is a terrorist, and this can trouble Preet. He tries to stay away from her but fails, and finally consummates his marriage with her. Preet discovers the truth but till that time she is pregnant. She with Shergill, RAW agent, tries and stops Rizwan. On the occasion of Republic day, she is successful in revealing Baba’s truth in front of Rizwan with the help of Sana. Then, they both die in the bomb blast while hugging each other. In the end, a grown up Kavya is shown to write a book, A Tale of Two Countries, which is the story of Rizwan and Preet. Mohammed Iqbal Khan and Mona Singh played the lead roles in the show. Micky Makhija and Jyothi D Tommaar were Mr. And Mrs. Hooda. Their children’s roles were played by Mansi Sharma, Pushtiie Shakti, and Lavin Gothi.

The show also had Melanie Pais (Sana), Mohit Abrol (Atif), Prag Tyagi (Kiku Khurana), Arjit Taneja (Bilal Khan), Hayat Asif (Baba), Arun Bali (Ustad Rehmat Ali Khan), Shikha Singh (Shabina Khan), Aryan Bhatia (Tinku Khurana), Mahesh Shetty (Jai Shergill), Amit Dolawat (Vikrant), and Shiny Dixit (Naina). The interesting twists and turns keep the viewers hooked onto their television sets. The fresh pair with a different story was very engaging. The concept of rediscovering love was great. The show gained great popularity, even after having an unhappy ending. The show broke the stereotype of the quintessential mail lead. The show also raised religion and nationality issues but in an entertaining and smarter way. The show focused on how they found true love in each other, but still could not stay together. The chemistry between the lead pair was fabulous. Do watch the show!