Hindi Tv Serial Pukaar

Pukaar Hindi TV SERIALS on Lifetime

Pukaar is a rare gem that indulges in telling a story, not just for the sake of ratings but for the art of storytelling. It doesn’t ride along with the notion of stories in Indian serials and has a distinct voice in a crowd of sheep. The show, a slick action-thriller, is made with a rare vision that compresses on the quantity but expands on the quality. It is occupied in telling a story rather than indulging in tomfoolery like many other running Indian shows. Pukaar tells the story of a Major General Rajveer who takes upon himself to free the streets of Mumbai from the clutches of a powerful builder mafia who aspires to control everything and exploit the city by every means. Major Rajveer also craves his father’s blessings and wants to fix their broken relationship once again. This part of the story provides the show with a much-needed emotional heftiness that soon blossoms into the soul of the show.

The show, divided into 24 episodes, has a completely different format than any of the shows of its time and is more like a movie in that regard than a serial. The show has been directed by Deven Bhajani whose body of work is nothing like this show. He has mostly done goofy comedies on screen and is famous for many Gujarati plays and so this show lends him a good chance to showcase his talent behind the camera. He passes the test of direction with flying colors as the show has stunning visuals and slick combat action sequences that elevates the experience of the show.

Ranvijay Singh, a famous RJ and a host of the popular show Roadies, stars as the Major Rajeev Shergill. He looks the part just fine and brings out the complexity of the character quite nicely on the screen. Raj Babbar, who appears on television after a long gap of 35 years, plays the role of Amarjeet Shergill, father of Ranjeet. Being a veteran actor, he doesn’t give anyone any chance to find fault with his performance. The show premiered on the channel Life OK on 24 November 2014 and was deemed as a huge success. The show ended its magnificent run on the 10th of February, 2015 but has now been bought by Disney+hotstar and is available to stream.