Hindi Tv Serial Piya Basanti Re

Piya Basanti Re Hindi Tv serials on Sony entertainment

Piya Basanti Rey belongs to the drama genre. Sony Pal premiered it on 1 September 2014. It used to be telecasted on every Monday to Saturday in the evening. Rashmi Sharma Telefilms Limited produced the series. Shobhit Jaiswal was the writer of the show, and Dev Dutt & J Gupta were directors. It ended on 12 December 2014. It is a kind of the famous Cinderella story. It is a journey of Piya from being a lower class maid’s daughter to becoming a daughter-in-law and that too in the same rich Gujarati household where her mother used to work as a maid. The lead pair is played by Adaa Khan Adaa Khan is an Indian Model and Television Actre >> Read More... and Alan Kapoor.

Other actors were Dinesh Soni Dinesh Soni is an Indian television actor, comedia >> Read More... aka Jatin, Jaya Ojha Jaya Ojha is an Indian television actress who was >> Read More... aka Geeta Patel, Rupal Divetia aka Baa, Surbhi Zaveri Vyas aka Niti Shah, Rasik Dave Rasik Dave is an established actor from Gujrati de >> Read More... aka Mahesh Shah, VipraRawal aka Savita, Hemant Choudhary aka Col Vijay, Rashmi Singh Rashmi Singh is a newcomer artist and acts in TV s >> Read More... aka Ayesha, Sinayana Fozdar aka Aditi, and Siddharth Shivpuri aka Akshay. The story starts with Geeta Patel who is a maid in a very wealthy Shah Family. She has a very beautiful, intelligent, and a perfect Cinderella-like daughter Piya for whom she works very hard so that she can go to college. Geeta's husband and Piya’s father died while fighting for the army, and thus left both of them impoverished.

In spite of all this, Piya keeps her head up and is very proud of her mother’s work. She excels at college and is a brilliant student. She attends the College with Kabir, Aditi, Akshay, and Ayesha. Kabir is the son of Mahesh Shah and Niti Shah. Mahesh Shah is the eldest son of Baa who is the head of Shah Family. Aditi and Akshay are children of Jatin and Savita who is Mahesh’s sister. Ayesha’s mother is Ganga who hired Geeta for work in Shah Family. Ganga is not rich, but as Ayesha enjoys pretending to be rich and living large, she never tells anyone about the relationship between her and Ayesha.

The twist comes when Piya’s mother meets an injury and is not able to work, which leads to the shortage of money. In this situation, Piya decides that she would work for Shah family as a maid, and also attend her college simultaneously. In college and at home, Kabir’s interactions with Piya increases, and he starts to fall for her. Meanwhile, Akshay starts to fall for Ayesha who is also Aditi’s best friend. Many a time, he comes very close to find the real truth about Ayesha’s life. Eventually, Kabir and Piya marry which makes the members of Shah Family very disappointed. But Baa supports them and assures Piya that now she is welcome in the family as more than just a maid.