Hindi Tv Serial O Maria

O Maria Hindi Tv serials on Sony entertainment

O Maria was a drama television serial that used to air on Sony TV. It is an old serial that aired before 1999, that was when Sony TV used to be the second-most popular channel, the first being ZEE TV. The serial revolved around the protagonist,a girl called Perlie. Perlie was played by Papiya Sengupta. Perlie lived in a hostel whilst trying to fulfill her dreams of making a successful career as a singer.

However, she is dealt with blow after blow by life and turns increasingly bitter as she is unable to accomplish her dream of making it big in the singing world. Perlie’s love interest was Humayun Peerzada. Another character in the serial was Preeti, who was played by Ananya Khare. Ananya Khare is better known for playing the daughter of Golcha in the serial ‘Yeh Shaadi Nahi Ho Sakti’.

Yet another better known actress who was also present on this serial was Jaya Bhattacharya. Apparently, the serial used to be aired for advertisement during the short ten minutes break between the ending of The Three Stooges and the beginning of Dennis the Menace (this break was between 5.20 pm and 5.30 pm). Sony TV used to take this chance to show short footage of their serials.