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Hindi Tv Actor Karan Rai
  • Gender : Male
Written By - Team Nettv4u
Kara Rai is a young and smart Indian actor. Who is seen in “Saath Rahe Ga Always” which is started to be aired in November, 2005, on Indian TV channels Sahara One. Saath Rahe Ga Alawya is a light tone drama serial. It covers the typical college life affairs of young generation. The story is based on three friends Peehu, Krish and Soham. These guys have different personalities from each other but are friends for long time. And they are mostly seen in college canteen; at table no 7.

In this serial Kara Rai has performed the role of Krish. He is portraying the male lead role in the serial very nicely. After then the show moves to family and left behind the former lead. Because the actors who were playing the roles in campus life were too young and were not suitable for married life, therefore Karan Rai quit from the second part of drama. As a whole Karan remain successful in maintaining his repute as an actor. After that he has not seen in any other serial, because, he doesn’t want to adapt acting as profession, but he is interested in acting as a hobby only. In future no one knows he may change his mind and join acting as a profession.


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