Hindi Tv Serial Ninaad

Ninaad Hindi Tv serials

Ninaad is a reality television show that used to be aired on Star Plus at six in the morning daily. It focused on classical music and was a platform for classical musicians to promote themselves. The show used to invite various classical performers to showcase their talents on the show. In an era where classical music was nearly dead, it was one and only a handful of shows which concentrated on the genre. The show has featured some of the leading musicians in the genre, including Pandit Jasraj, 'Devaki Pandit', and 'Satish Vyas'. The program features both vocal and instrumental music.

However, due to the low popularity and demand for classical music, the show was tucked away to a slot where it was insulated from the masses. The early morning show became very popular among classical music fans.

The Vice President of Star Plus’ publicity department, 'Shola Rajachandran', defended the timing, saying that the program was slotted at the perfect time of the day, early morning since that is just when one has to listen to such music. He also said that classical music might not be suitable for a prime-time slot due to its niche nature.