Hindi Tv Serial Main Delhi Hoon

Main Dilli Hoon Hindi tv-serials on DOORDARSHAN

Main Delhi Hoon is another serial that was broadcasted on the largest viewed channel of India Doordarshan. It is also considered as one of the best shows of Indian Television. The show is popular because of its intense emotions that were showcased in the serial. The show used to come on television in the late 90s. It managed to achieve a prime time slot for its telecast. This was another factor that influenced the success of the show. It was broadcasted on alternate days on the television.

This was because the makers were very conscious about the content that was going to be displayed to the mass audience. People have gained access to the television, and it had become one of the best ways to communicate with the larger audience. Also, many people used it as an entertainment tool, and it was widely in reach of them. Watching the number of audiences growing, many people in the industry started working towards writing scripts based on the works of famous literature artists and their novels or poems. They used to bring out the concept for their serial. Main Delhi Hoon is one of the serials that have been made on the same basis.

It is adapted from the work of famous literature artist in India. Ramavatar Tyagi has written a poem with the same name in the mid-80s. His work was widely appreciated and is the reason why makers chose this to conceptualize it into an entertainment serial. Originally, the concept of the serial is derived from a poem written by the same name by Ramavatar Tyagi. Most of the audiences liked the serial. However, there was a part of the audience who did not like the show much. The serial is based on the busy lifestyle of the people of the national capital.

It focuses on the hardships that are faced by the young people in the Delhi. Also, there is a large number of people who enjoys living in Delhi. The makers have tried to convey the message that how every Delhi resident feels about it. Hence, the serial is titled "Main Delhi Hoon." The show has conceptualized this idea to make episodes and a serial. The show has been very popular among the youth. Mainly, the people of Delhi loved watching the serial. It showed the places of historical interests as well and hence had a second angle which attracted the crowd towards it.