Hindi Tv Serial Kyaa Kahein



‘Ek talaash hai, ek talaash hai dhundhlaayi si.. Aahat hai kisi khaamoshi ki.. Ehsaas hai koi jo mehsoos nahi hota.. Kyaa hai ye? Kyaa nahi? Kyaa Kahein.’ These are the starting lines of the show “Kyaa Kahein”. It is a drama series created by Balaji Telefilms. The theme of the show is supernatural. It used to air on the Zoom channel from the year 2004 to 2005 in the month of August. The airing time of this Hindi language based show was 9 pm IST. It was a weekly show which only came on Saturday. The host of this supernatural series was Irrfan Khan. The show almost resembles the concept of Balaji Telefilms’ another produced show, ‘ Kya Hadsaa Kya Haqeeqat,’ a thriller series which aired on Sony TV. Each episode has an approximate run time of 25 minutes. The show is written by Anil Pandey and directed by Ekta Kapoor and Mahim Joshie.

The show ‘Kyaa Kahein’ has only 1 season with five episodes in it. Each episode is named ‘Phengophobia’ with the variation in parts like, ‘Phengophobia- Part 1’ for the first episode, ‘Phengophobia- Part 2’ for the second episode, and so on. The first episode starts with a boy named ‘ Sameer’ whose car breaks down. Looking at the car and his surroundings, he decides to spend the night at a nearby house named ‘Pereira House’. He knocks on the nearest house, and a lady comes out. He asks her if he can spend the night in her house and promises to go the very next morning. She agrees and lets him in. She offers him snacks and asks about his whereabouts. He says he’s from Goa and she replies she too is from the same place. But she doesn’t go there anymore. She tells him that she lives in this house with her son ‘Gomez’ and no one has visited their place for 15 years.

She asks him if he would like to meet her son and he agrees. They go to one room in the house which is lit with candles, and the walls are adorned with his painting. When Sameer asks Gomez about the theme of the paintings, he replies that all of them show his own death, which freaks Sameer out. Looking around, he finds that the lady or Gomez’s mother is nowhere in sight. So he hastily bids Gomez a goodnight and moves out of the room. In the second episode, Sameer takes his car to the mechanic where he chatters with him while his car gets fixed. The mechanic asks him about the place where he spent the night. Sameer tells him it was in ‘Pereira House’. The mechanic gives him a shocked expression and informs him about the fact that the boy who lives in that house is a vampire, a person who feeds himself by drinking the blood of other human beings.

After a while, Sameer meets a drunk man on his way, who asks for a lift. Sameer agrees, and the drunk man asks him to drop him just a little ahead from the “vampire house.” He tells the same story to Sameer about Gomez being a vampire. Sameer thinks a lot and decides to go to the house again. When he enters, he finds the lady singing a lullaby to Gomez who is sleeping in her lap. She comes out and asks him about why is he still there. He tells her about the things he heard about Gomez, and she starts crying while telling him that Gomez is just scared of light. That’s why he goes out in the night. He thinks he will die if he comes under the light. And that is the exact message his paintings portray. At that exact moment, we hear Gomez shouting out his mother’s name, who runs to him and tries to console him, all the while telling Sameer that when Gomez’s fear gets too high, he suffers from fits.

Gomez and his way of thinking become a case-study for Sameer, in the third episode. He tells Gomez’s mother that he is a psychologist. To know more about him, he befriends him and asks him to make his painting. While Gomez is busy in drawing, Sameer stealthily moves from his chair and opens the window. The sunlight comes in, and Gomez gets scared, and his fits start. His mother shouts at Sameer, but he explains it to her that Gomez has “Phengophobia” or the fear of natural light. He says he’ll cure him of that. Later that day, two incidents happen with Sameer which leaves him shocked. But the lady just brushes them off as co-incidences. But this makes Sameer realize that Gomez doesn’t like him staying in their home and he is about to witness something horrible. The fourth episode starts with weird noises that Sameer hears.

He follows the sound and finds out several rabbits on the floor with a cat hung upside down high in the ceiling which is dripping blood in a container, in a room. He gets petrified and decides to drop the case and go away from that place to save his life. As he runs out of the room disgusted, a third man is shown coming back to the room and looking at Sameer run. When Sameer tries going out, he finds the main gate locked. When he explains his situation to the lady, he tries and convinces him to stay and treat Gomez. Sameer agrees. Gomez apologizes to Sameer and asks him if he would go out for a walk with him. They both go out and find that man digging some soil. Gomez’s behavior changes considerably in front of that man, and he dismisses him quickly. Gomez continues with his painting of Sameer when his mother gives him milk to drink.

After a while, Gomez feels dizzy and he falls down, unconscious. Sameer takes the key from his pocket. In the last episode, Gomez is found lying in the ground under open sunlight. When he gains consciousness, he gets scared and starts running away in the shade. Sameer stops him and makes him feel the light. Meanwhile, Gomez’s mother looks for him inside the house. When she doesn’t find him anywhere, she goes near the main door and shouts at Sameer to take back Gomez inside. When Sameer doesn’t do that, she runs out in the open and starts screaming. And it turns out, that nothing happens to Gomez, but his mother faints. Sameer realizes that it is not Gomez who suffers from Phengophobia, but his mother. She had inculcated the fear inside Gomez because she was afraid herself and thus, never exposed him to the sunlight.

In the following night, Gomez and Sameer bury her in the pit dug near their garden as she died during the day which Sameer thinks is because of a heart attack. The next day, both the boys go to her room and discover paintings similar to those of Gomez- showing death by the light. Sameer comes across two of the drawings which show the incidents that had occurred with him earlier. He also finds that all the paintings had been done in red color. But he gives less heed to it and goes out with Gomez. When the post mortem reports come, Sameer is in for a shock. Meanwhile, he realizes that the red color in the paintings was actually blood. And he believes it because he had seen a container of blood in one of the rooms. Now was it death because of Phengophobia, heart attack, or she had some traits of a vampire. Who knows!