Hindi Tv Serial Kiron Kher Today

Kiron Kher Today Hindi Tv serials on Star plus
As the title indicates, the show Kiron Kher Today was a popular talk show hosted by our very own, bubbly, charming and witty, Kirron Kher. The show, directed by Anuradha Tewari aired on the channel Star Plus from the year 1997 to April 1998. Kirron, who had also hosted other talk shows like Jagte Raho with Kiron Kher, had a unique way of presentation laced with her witty and quirk sense of humor.

The show was basically a talk show in which the topics that are generally considered as a taboo in Indian society and are not usually talked about were discussed. A special emphasis was given to the women related topics like widow remarriage, pregnancy, divorce, periods etc. The thing that made it different from its contemporary talk shows was that expert panels were called in the show to discuss about these topics. Kiron’s unique style of talking and the warmth in her attitude for everyone made it a huge favorite with the viewers. If the topic to be discussed that day was depression then the expert panel would consist of psychologists and if it was alcoholism then the panel would comprise of some doctors. Live audience was also a part of the show and in one segment they were allowed to ask their questions to the experts.