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Kile Ka Rahasya is one of the oldest television shows in the history of Indian Television. The show was aired in the year of 1989. The show was made in the horror genre and was one of the first shows to be made in this genre. It was broadcasted on a weekly basis and one episode was shown in one week. It used to come on television in nights which increased the horror and thrill of the show. The show had a wide and huge fan base. Even today, any 80s person will become excited to tell about the serial. "It was scary and thriller.

The title song created a very different setup for the show and it justified the genre horror as it was well knit around the setup of the show" quotes one Orkut user about the show in a public chat. The show used to have a great impact on the viewers. "It was one of the scariest serials I have seen in my childhood as well as in adolescence, and since then nothing has been as good and scary as Kile Ka Rahasya. Even talking about it now sends me chills down the spine through my backbone", quotes another user on the same chat.

The plot of the serial was kept very sophisticated and suspense. It revolved around an old Kila or fort which was haunted as per the local residents of the area. They believed that some spirits lived inside the fort which creates nuisance and strange voices in the darkness of nights. It was also said that whoever goes inside the fort gets a mark on his back which stayed there forever. The protagonist of the show who did not believed in such theories decided to reveal the truth behind the mystery. He starts investigating the fort and finds a secret passage to a basement in the room.

He finds a printing press down the room which was used behind the backs of the government to produce illegal material. The show was one of the best horror shows at the of its telcast on Indian Television. The show posed a very unique concept at the time of its telecast. Also, viewers of Indian Television had not seen more shows in the horror genre and hence it was new for them. It also proved to be a very interesting and realistic concept as most of the audiences believed the stories of a fort being haunted at that time.

This factor went in the favor of the show and helped it gain recognition. Youth at that time liked the show most and made the larger part of the audiences. They still remember the craze of the show how they tried everything to keep them awake in night till to watch the show at its original time as it did not have any repeat telecasts.