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Vikraal aur Gabraal Hindi Tv serials on Star plus
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Vikraal aur Gabraal is a horror TV show broadcasted on Star Plus on every Saturday. This show is somewhat extension of two famous characters of the popular TV show Shhhh Koi Hai. The whole story centred on Gabroo and his extreme desires to be like Gabraal. Gabraal is a character in the show that captures ghost. Gabraal his just like Vikraal, the boss of Gabroo.

Vikraal acts as a teacher of Gabroo to whom he teaches how to chase different-different types of ghosts. His stories basically starts from the birth of evil power, their growth and various activities they do in their adult age and finally there comes the end of that evil power and evil creatures. As the story proceeds from the birth of evil creatures and their growth it becomes more and more interesting and when the climax comes Vikraal doesn’t finish the story and thus Gabroo thinks ghost is still alive. He then request Vikraal to end the story and in turn to this Vikraal demands coin for ending the story. Gabroo gives him a coin with sad mood to listen the mind of the story. The main casts in this serial are Vikraal in the role of Mamik Singh Mamik Singh is a prominent Indian film and televis >> Read More... and Gabraal as KK Goswami KK Goswami is an Indian television actor. He was b >> Read More... . Directions are given by Mahim Joshi while Cinematography is done by Manoj Mundayat.

Every episode comes with a new story. Mamik Singh is an actor, who works on TV shows and has also worked in Hindi movies. Mamik is starred as Vikraal in this show.

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