Hindi Tv Serial Kaajjal

Kaajjal Hindi Tv serials on Sony entertainment

Kaajjal was the more popular name for a popular daily Indian TV serial telecast on Sony entertainment television during 2006, “ Kaajjal- Sabki Aankhon Mein Basi.” kaajjal is the story of a small town girl Kaajjal. Kaajjal, a young and lively girl lives in Mussoorie, she wins a RJ hunt contest and comes to the big metro city with job as RJ of a popular morning show and dreams of meeting her Prince Charming one day. She comes across Dev, who is the scion of an industrialist family and an angry, arrogant, young man. He is bitter towards your life and keeps everybody at a distance including friends and family. She works in Dev's office and one day, in an inebriated state, Dev, confesses his love to her thinking her to be his ex-wife Payal. Kaajjal misunderstands and she also falls in love with Dev. Dev tries to avoid her at any cost. In the meantime, Dhruva, a friend of Dev, who has just come back from the U.S. sees Kaajjal and falls in love with her at first site.

On the other hand Dev and Kaajjal meet regularly and gradually Dev grows feelings for Kajjal. When he finally plans to propose to Kajjal, he comes to know about the feelings of Dhruva towards her. He is heart broken and tries to stay away from Kaajjal. He also comes to know that he has a “Shani” in his horoscope, which could cause his death and in case he marries Kaajjal, she may also die. He tries to get her married to Dhruva with the help of evil sister-in-law, Amisha who wants dev to die. Dev takes a proposal to Kaajjal's House for marriage without naming the groom and considering that the proposal is from Dev himself, Kaajjal agrees. Now Dev misbehaves with Kaajjal in a hotel room one night, who slaps him for his misbehaviour. After many ups and downs, various circumstances and situations, finally Dev and Kaajjal get married and all the villains die in a shoot out. The story comes to an end.

The serial was telecast on Sony Entertainment Television in 252 episodes starting from October 9, 2006 and ending on December 20, 2007.