Birthday: 31-12-1969
Age: 49
Star sign: Capricorn
Paritish is popularly remembered as Kulbhushan Wadhwa in the serial ‘ Kumkum’. The show revolves around the Wadhwa family as well as its daughter-in-law, who was also the main female protagonist, Kumkum. She is happily wedded to Jatin, who later dies of a brain tumor. The Wadhwas make a decision to get their expecting young daughter-in-law re-married. Nonetheless, when obstacles arise to prevent that marriage, Jatin's younger brother Sumit on impulse marries Kumkum in order to protect her from social disgrace. The well-known ‘Kumkum’ serial actor, Paritosh Sand is seen Life OK’s Savdhan India episodic serial. Savdhaan India is yet another real-life based crime story docu-drama, entail accounts based on UP’s political mood. He has also acted in investigative series Special Squad, wherein he was the head of the Forensic Department. The seasoned actor, Paritosh Sand is an actor, is quite popularly known for his performance in noteworthy movies such as Monsoon Wedding (2001), Saathiya (2002), and Shahid (2012).