Hindi Tv Serial Jaane Bhi Do Paaro

Jaane Bhi Do Paaro Hindi TV SERIALS on DD METRO

Jaane Bhi Do Paaro is a comedy sitcom in the Hindi language that aired on the channel, DD Metro. DD Metro was a Hindi entertainment channel broadcasted by the Doordarshan Network and owned by Prasar Bharati. The channel was later replaced by the news channel, DD News. Jaane Bhi Do Paaro was aired in the year 1998-1999. The show had only one season and a total of 50 episodes. Each episode had a runtime of 30 to 32 minutes. Jaane Bhi Do Paaro is a television show in the comedy genre.

The plot of the show circles a couple. The wife is oppressed by her husband who is very autocratic. He is always busy with work at his office and is also the power driving the house. He doesn’t consider anyone bigger than him and thinks he knows everything. His wife, on the other hand, is geeky and keeps falling in trouble. She always tries to get out of these troubles, without having to tell her husband the truth. She makes up stories and acts out situations to make her husband believe her cooked-up story. And by doing all this, somehow, she always manages to get her own way from her husband. She always manages to convince her husband and get all the help she needs without him realizing the truth of the story.

The show is full of entertainment and humor. Since the shows during that time were less ornamented with gimmicks and more based on a powerful storyline, the show was a sheer laughter riot, what we refer to in today’s world, as clean comedy. The show reached great heights of success and was one of the first few major comedy sitcoms that had been so widely accepted and loved by the audience all over the country. What made the show more memorable were the heaps of talent that went into the show in terms of acting and directing.

The central couple of the show was played by Archana Puran Singh and Rakesh Bedi. Rakesh Bedi is one of the most acclaimednames in the field of comedy. He has acted in hundreds of movies, but his major acclaims came from his comic timings in his roles in trend-setting comedy shows like Ye Jo Hai Zindagi, Shrimaan Shrimati, Yes Boss, etc. Archana Puran Singh, another multi-faceted celebrity, is best known for her comic roles and for being a judge on popular comedy shows. This show was also her first stint as a television director.

Rakesh Bedi and Archana Puran Singh have previously worked together as a couple in Shrimaan Shrimati. The other great actors playing major roles in the show were Farooq Sheikh, Shashi Kiran and Neena Gupta. Not only are these names synonymous to great acting today, but also it was almost impossible to envision comedy in the 90s without these actors.