Hindi Tv Serial Ishqaway

Ishqaway Hindi TV SERIALS on Zindagi TV

Ishqaway is a Pakistani serial which showcases a tale of love, sadness, friends and family pressure. Directed by Ali Faizan, this serial sure does have its fame already in its hand because of such a great director.

The famous Myra Sajid writes the serial. Hence the twist and turns. Launched in 2015 the series has never seen any signs of decline and doing well on ever since. The story revolves around two best friends namely Amal played by Sonia Mishal and Safina played by Rabab Hashim who are inseparable from each other. Their acting is well over the roof and adds a lot of depth in the game in whole. But due to some circumstances which we will get to know later, they both become the best of enemies. The infamous Haim played by Sami Khan is forcibly advised to get married to his cousin Amal (Zainab Ahmed) against his will. Against his wish and will, he agrees to the marriage, and the preparations are well under way when at the wedding festivities. Amal (Zainab Ahmed) introduces Haim( Sami Khan) to her close, and dear friend, Safina played by ( Rabab Hashim). All this seems to be normal at first, but then Haim (Sami Khan) starts to get attached and attracted towards Safina ( Rabab Hashim) which causes a lot of issues in the family as well as in the friendship of Safina and Amal.

The story then continues with a lot of chaos, enmity, and misery in the characters life. But the central question remains will the grandfather's efforts to keep the family together without making it fall apart be successful? Or will he fail in his efforts? And the central question remains will Haim's first sight of love for Safina be a success and would be he able to sacrifice his love for her and get married to Amal? The other casts in this drama are Hammad Farooqi, Qavi Khan, Ghana Tahir and much more.

What makes this plot Interesting is the direction and writing. The acting from Sami Khan who is the finest actor in the television industry and also impressed us with his blockbuster performances is worth mentioning. Actress Rabab Hashim who's is known for her emotional plays, and she truly has potential, but in this drama we see her doing no less than playing that typical innocent girl as well. The show has made audiences just fall for them more and more and made this drama such a success ever since 2015.