Hindi Tv Serial Goonj Ateet Ki

Goonj Ateet Ki Hindi Tv serials on Sony entertainment

Many house makers who would have been an ardent fanatic of Goonj Ateet Ki had quarreled with the Serial reviewers like me for mentioning Goonj as ‘A Story of Superstition implanted in the Modern World of Technological Era upon the women to make them dwell in the household.’ I would like to take a diplomatic stand and leave the decision on the drama to the viewer’s itself. The journals of the episodes were Soap Opera and had set to air on the Sony Entertainment Television on a weekly basis. The Theme was revolving around a Nair Family in Kerala living under a vice for past two hundred years.

The head of the group was Amma, and her husband paralysed for twenty long years. She had four offspring. The eldest one was Sudharshan who had two daughters and working abroad. Ravi was the second on the list who had absconded after his marriage. His whereabouts were not known. Unni, the third took the burden of the family on his shoulders. He toiled hard and took care of all his Sister-in-laws and their daughters. The last one was Mohandas. He was cuddled more by his Mum.

He was the cutest guy in the troop but had the problem of epilepsy. It was popularly known as fits. His Mother started to look for a bride when he was at the age of 24. As he had been suffering from a strange disease, many parents declined to get their daughter married to the Amma Family though they were of high repute in the locality.

At last, his mother hid the illness and got him married to a Doctor bride from Bombay called as Revathi. Mohan was 32 years old at the time of his marriage. But there was a grave mistake committed by the Director of the Episode. During the wedding, the Tali or Magalsutra was shown has contained Gnankuzha or Banana Shaped item. However, Nairs had only used the leaf shaped sutras, and it was quite obvious that the creators had confused them with the Tamilians as well as Kannadians.

During their nuptial night, when Revathi approached Mohan, she had discovered that he was suffering from epilepsy. Though she was a doctor and it was a curable disease, she was upset as she felt that she had cheated. She had decided to make her way. There was a mysterious pond at the back of their home. Look out for more of the episodes.