Hindi Tv Serial Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat - The show is about three separate people. They are Rahul, Madhav and Aradhya. Madhav suffers from inferiority complex in the serial because of his common, normal looks while his closest companion, Rahul is handsome and dashing. Aradhya feels infatuated to RJ Ehsaas as like. People haven’t seen RJ Ehsaas ever. RJ Ehsaas is actually identified as Madhav.

Aradhya becomes an intern in Ehsaas' Radio Studio because Aradhya needed to discover who Ehsaas is. Madhav notices her, starts to like her from the beginning. Due to an arrangement of misconceptions Aradhya accepts Rahul to be Ehsaas. She gets to be upbeat in light of the fact that she expects Ehsaas to be good looking, gorgeous. Rahul and Madhav are the closest companions who reside in Madhav's home as his guardians are dead. They are family friends. Madhav's parents adore him as their own son.

Aradhya's guardians want Rahul to marry Aradhya. He consents to wed Aradhya. However, Rahul somehow understands that Aradhya has feelings for Ehsaas. Rahul convinces Madhav and Aradhya to get married. Aradhya didn’t want to accept the marriage at first, but she sees that Madhav loves her a lot and with pure dedication. After some time, Aradhya admits her affection for their marriage and accept it in a good way. She understands Prerna's affection for Rahul. Gradually Aradhya gets them married. She becomes pregnant. However after nine months she conceives a dead child. (February 25, 2013 – July 19, 2013, on Sony)