Hindi Tv Serial Bol Baby Bol Hindi

Bol Baby Bol Hindi Tv serials on Star one

Bol Baby Bol is a musical game show. It is created by Fox Television Studios and presented by Adnan Sami. The channel which broadcasts the show is Star One. This show was broadcasted on every Friday and Saturday. This show is based on the American show “Don’t Forget the Lyrics”. The candidates of this show have to face questions regarding lyrics of Bollywood songs. Of course, the lyrics are from famous Bollywood songs. As much as they can answer the questions of the quiz they will get more money till 25 lakhs. When the contest begins some lyrics and music will be provided for listening and the performer will have to listen to the lyrics and music carefully. Suddenly, the lyrics showing on the screen will be disappeared and the music will be stopped. Then they have to complete the vacant music and lyrics by their own. If they complete the song successfully then they will be considered as the winner. The motto of this show is to bring new musicians and music composers to spotlight. This is the way by which new composers and musician will be found. In this show if anyone can correctly sing 9 songs consecutively then he will be considered as the winner of this show. He will get 25 lakhs.

Adnan Sami is the host of this show. He was born in London. He is a Pakistani singer. He is good at piano. He has been working in this industry since 2006 to present. Recently, he has reduced his weight. He has passed his early life in UK and here he completed his primary education. Later, he joined in this music industry and has got a great deal of name and fame. His song Mahia is a very popular song. His first album was opened in India and got great popularity. He became very popular in Pakistan also. Recently, he has played a role as a hero in an Indian movie.