Amit Pathak is Actor by profession he has acted in various Hindi, Bhojpuri and Marathi serials. He completed his studies from I.E.S King George Mumbai. He says he respect people who respect him. He started working in serials from the year 2000. Apart from acting, he is a Karate player and has black belt in Karate. He has played in Marathi plays like Shevati Jamla, Jinku Ya Dahi Disha, Rashi Ranjan Live, Her Highness Anita, Marathi Maansa, Chal Lavkar, Bua Bhola Bhangadi sola and Ek Daav Premacha.

He has also acted in Marathi serials like Oon – Paus, De Fhamaal, Ya Gogirvanya Gharat, Asha Abhilasha, Adhui Ek Kahani, Akhanda Saubhagyavathi, Hasat Khelat, Man Udhaan Varyache, Olakh, Aatla Aawaj, Aamhi Karbharani, Ek Mohor Abol, Vivaha Bandhan. He then has appeared in Hindi serials like Mrs Tendulkar, Kitni Mohabaat Hai.

He has also played roles in Bhojpuri serials like Bhag Na Bache Koin and Saachi Baat Sabhi Jag Jane. He has first in E. TV searchlight all over Maharashtra. Right now he is looking forward for good opportunities and also he is available in the serial Manasicha Chitrakar Toh currently.