Hindi Tv Serial Antariksh - Ek Amar Katha

Antariksh - Ek Amar Katha Hindi Tv serials on Imagine tv

Antariksh - Ek Amar Katha’ was a science-fiction, action and drama television serial that was broadcasted on Star Plus. The serial was launched on October 2006 and was directed by Ashim Samanta. It was aired from Monday to Thursday and was broadcasted during the 8 pm band.

The story was reputedly inspired by the Hindu Holy Scripture, The Ramayana, and like it, the serial showed a great war between good and evil. The show was one of the first Hindi science-fiction programs to be shown on Indian television. Children were the main target audience of the show.

The serial is set in the distant future and revolves around Amar, who is the oldest son and the heir to the crown of King Shylan. He is a great person and contains all the necessary traits that make him suitable for the kingship. However, Amar’s brothers conspire against him due to jealousy, and they work together to strip Amar of his inheritance. His brothers also exiled him from Prithvi and banished him to the fringes of space.

Amar is not daunted by this and sets about rebuilding his power. He now has nothing to lose, and so he takes the war to Raankal, who plays the antagonist and is also the ruler of the Kavran Galaxy. Raankal has to be defeated to save all of the humanity. Antariksh is notable as it was one of the first Indian television serials to use Computer Generated Imagery.