Hindi Tv Serial Ados Pados


Indian television way back in the 80’s had a very less number of daily soaps. It was at that time when actors and directors were making their debut in The National Television Screen. Back in the 80’s the silver screen of Indian television witnessed quiet a lot of interesting series and shows.One of them was ‘Ados-Pados’.

‘Ados-Pados’ is one such plot that made it’s debut in the Indian Television screen back in 1985.Set back in the 80’s era it attracted a lot of charm from the Indian audience. It was a plot that depicted the story of love that developed in the heart of a single father.Interesting Isn’t it?.

With this lucrative story ‘Ados-Pados’ was able to draw the attention of Indian audience. Directed by Sai Paranjpye,who was a leader and a famous character for her outstanding performance in theatre and films the plot featured Amol Palekar,a leading name in Indian cinema as the single father.The show was aired in 1985 via The Doordarshan channel and was reaching millions of Indian as well as international audiences.

Amol Palekar playing the role of a single father was visualized as a common man who belonged to a middle class family whose life revolved around his son.The story portrayed a day to day culture of a middle class family where a father arranges a tutor for his son and further starts developing a soft side for her.

The plot shows various scenes where the teacher,Rameshwari popularly known as Teacher didi is seen interacting in a typical shy and blushing manner with Amol Palekar.The story is fabricated around the day to day struggles of a single father trying to confess his love for the young lady. The story shows the struggles that a single father faces to express his love to his son’s teacher due to the shackles of the society.In various episodes it is shown that he gets support from his friends who try to play the role of a cupid to help him approach The Teacher Didi.It is seen that Amol gets support from few sections of the typical Indian society while a certain part of the society was seen mocking him due to his move.

The story has got eminent relevance to today’s society where the similar middle class mindset follows people.The story was a good medley of family drama,friendship,love,father-son relationship as well as social conflicts.The story left a remarkable impression on our minds hence it lies afresh in our memories even after 30 years of its launch.