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Written By - Team Nettv4u

Adhoori Aurat is a drama serial revolving around a girl called Maryam. The show has many ups and downs and flows with an unpredictable style. Adhoori Aurat is a case of woman rivalry where Maryam faces the problems being put forward by her colleague. The show really is interesting and offers many highs during its flow. The story begins by showing us the simple life of Maryam where she lives with her parents and 2 siblings, brother Sultan and her beloved sister Aminnah. Being grown up with an eastern value she respects her both parents above all and her family always remains her priority.

So when she receives a proposal of marriage from a Doctor Umair, Maryam says yes as her parents want her to marry Umair. She soon starts her happy life which she dreamed of as an eastern girl with Umair, but as it is said life is always very unpredictable and goes in its very own rhythm. Maryam and Aminnah catches Umair red handed with other married women. It affects Maryam so much that she loses her faith in humanity and starts to live alone. Her only aim is now to complete her dreams. Later on, she meets a man called Zayan who is a civil officer by profession in an institute where she teaches poor children.

Zayan is shown as a man who was brought up in a modern family, but he remains pretty eastern and due to which he is not attracted towards girls easily which is also evident from the fact that his very own Uncle’s daughter Faiza,has been following Zayan from years but still Zayan refuses to hang out with her. But destiny brings Zayan to Maryam, and he instantly falls for her at first sight in the Institute. When Faiza finds about Maryam she smartly forces Zayan to marry her, meanwhile Maryam also starts respecting Zayan and the couple decides to marry secretly.

Hearing the news Faiza could not bear the fact and her love for Zayan makes her attempt a suicide but fortunately, a doctor saves her who is later on discovered as Umair. Umair taking this as an opportunity teams up with Faiza to take revenge on Maryam. Both of them plot many plans to target Maryam’s married life. Life doesn’t stop surprising the couple here; it brings up the father of Zayan, Nusrat and his brother’s hatred towards him. Now the popular couple faces many challenges against the four, and survives the problems put forward by the four.


Gautam Rode Hindi TV-Actor
DOB: 14 August 1977
Gautam Rode
Harsh Chhaya Hindi TV-Actor
DOB: 20 December 1970
Harsh Chhaya
Mehul Vyas Hindi TV-Actor
DOB: 3 September 1988
Mehul Vyas
Mihika Verma Hindi Movie Actress
DOB: 3 January 1986
Mihika Verma