English Tv Show Custom Made For Vir Sanghvi

Custom Made For Vir Sanghvi English OTHERS on NDTV Good Times

Custom made for Vir Sanghvi is a lifestyle and fashion show that premiered on NDTV Good Times channel. The show takes viewers on a remarkable journey to India’s cultural extravaganza. Vir Sanghvi, one of India’s finest print and media journalist, is the presenter of the show. From exquisite meals to made-to-order painting, perfumes, art, etc. all custom made for Vir and even receives a red carpet welcome wherever he travels. On the show he visits to the Maharaja of Jodhpur where dine and wine in a royal palace, meet some of country’s best perfumers, dine with Hotel Taj’s star chef Hemant Oberoi, experience some exclusive artwork across country, bespoke personal fashion, unravels the truths behind Indian spirituality and delivers many awestruck experiences to the viewers.

Vir Sanghvi, a famous television personality and editorial director of the newspaper Hindustan Times. His columns and TV shows are a blend of high-end travel, hospitality sector, and global delicacies. Rude Food, a book published by Penguin India in 2004 was a collection of his column Rude Food in Brunch in Sunday magazine of Hindustan Times. The book won the award for Best Food Literature Book around the globe the following year. In the year 2008, he even received prestigious Rajiv Gandhi journalism award.

The show’s first season launched on August 2, 2009, in the subsequent year, it won an award for the Best Lifestyle and Fashion show at the Indian Telly Award. The second season launched in the year 2011 with VirSanghvi as its charismatic host. The show heightens the luxury to authentic art form from a country that offers resilience and exotica like no other.