English Tv Show Catfish Season 2

Catfish Season 2	 English TV SHOWS on M TV

Cassie’s father was the victim of a brutal murder, and since then her world has turned upside down. She has been indulging herself in drugs and alcohol, and as a result, she is under depression and needs somebody to talk. One day, when all hope is lost, she receives a message from Steve on Facebook. He is a supportive guy, probably what she needed in her life, he is teaching her how to live again, how to love herself and moreover how to start enjoying life again. He changed her style of living for the better.

As months pass by, their relationship is growing into something special and not is desperate for him to propose. She is not able to control herself; she asks Steve to marry her, and he accepts the invitation. Although they haven't met in person, they are always talking through video chat. Cassie desperately wants to meet him, but he keeps on giving reasons and is always attached to his webcam. It is shown that Steve is none other than her best friend, Gladys.

It is her who cared about Cassie and wanted her life to get back on track. Cassie meanwhile has given up. She has got a job at a radio station and is busy working her ass off, to save enough money for college. She needs to save enough money for her education and student loans. Gladys is afraid that if this continues then, Cassie will be in for a heartbreak, and she would never forgive her. Hence, she deactivates Steve in the hope that they will again be close like they used to be.

Anthony is an Army veteran who was deployed in Iraq. He is proud of his achievements which can be seen by the purple heart on his sleeves. Around a year ago, he started chatting with a man named Marq. Right now, they are infatuated with each other. Like every love story, theirs isn't one without a problem. Anthony is insecure about this relationship and has already caught Marq telling some lies which could have ended their relationship. After the deactivation of his account, Marq has stopped talking with everyone. He still hasn't spoken to the producers of the show. His heart is broken, and he probably needs someone to console him. It is where the series gets complicated. You cannot play with people's feelings to make a TV show and make money. In other episodes, we get to see stories of Ramon, Lauren, Dorion and others.