English Tv Show Californication Season 4

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Today Hank Moody have completed his novel and now he is hungry for beer and his cravings for sex has reached extreme heights. He goes outside in search of fresh air & girl, as he was writing his novel from the last few months without going outside. He reached the bar for drinking beer while looking at hot and sexy girls. He met one of his childhood friend (who is a cop) who had come with his hot girlfriend. Suddenly an incident (fight) took place outside the bar. Now, Moody tries to remind his friend of his duty, that being a cop he must handle the situation.

Finally, he goes there and somehow controls the situation and he had take the culprit to the police station, as he was pressurised by Moody to do his duty. Now he convinced his girlfriend that he has to go as she is already aware of the situation. Both, his friend and his girlfriend begins to fight that he never spends time with her & especially today being her birthday. he was still making an excuse for his “bullshit” duty. This incident makes her angrier and she asks him to go wherever he wants to. During all this melodrama, only one man is happy and excited, the one who has created this misconception so that he could spend some exciting time with his friend’s girlfriend.  

Now the party begins, the cop handovers his girlfriend to Hank Moody to drop her to her house. (exactly as Moody expected). Moody & his friend’s girlfriend started talking to each other. Firstly, Moody conveys his birthday wishes and decides to celebrate her birthday. He calls the waiter and orders for champagne and cake. They decided to go for a long drive, which both enjoyed thoroughly with each other. Now the party is over, Hank is driving to drop her back to her home but, suddenly he stops his car at the middle of road & kisses her, now the sex party begins in the car.

After some time, traffic was stuck as both of them were lost in lust. A cop (police) comes & knocks on the window and asks them to park the car aside so as to clear the traffic. Now, guess who the cop was? His friend gets shocked to see both of them. Moody is below her leg, under her skirt. His friend asked him what he was up to and he just replied that he was helping her get her skirt off the seat as it was stuck there.