English Tv Serial New Girl

New Girl English TV SERIALS on Fox

New Girl was an American English television series with top ranking on Fox from February 20, 2011. There are total 6 seasons of the show and 135 episodes in these 6 seasons. The show had both comedy and drama intermixed in the story. New Girl was the production of Los Angeles in the form of a single- camera comedy. The story of this show revolves around some of the people which we see again and again coming in many of the episodes of the series. It’s all about a lady named Jess who was teaching in the middle school at Los Angeles and is caught in many troublesome situations from which she tries to cope up with.

She had a break-up from which she decided to move on and does so in a very unusual manner. All the characters in the story were in their early thirties and were trying to deal with their relationships and career. Jess whose full name was Jessica is a young woman who is always sparkling with a lot of energy and a teacher at middle school. So, Jess went home to see her boyfriend named as Spencer. She found him with another woman and left the place on the spot, also breaking her relationship with him. Later she decided to shift from that apartment in which both of them, Jess and Spencer stayed together. Then she started searching for her new home and soon she saw an advertisement in the newspaper and answered to the same.

She shifted to a flat with three single men. After shifting to the new place with a broken heart she behaved very unusually but all the men supported her most of the time. They were named as Nick, Schmidt, and Coach. Later after few episodes named as pilot episodes, one more person came or we can say replaced Coach in the flat. He was called as Winston. One of Jess’s childhood friends was also seen in many of the episodes in the series, he was known as Cece who was a successful fashion model. Later, Coach also returned to the apartment and told that he had broken up with a woman named as Malia. This is how the story of New Girl goes on.