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Japanese animated series are famous in all over the world. Japan is the center for animation development and the animated shows that are produced by the Japan are the best. Animation and animated characters are of the matter that draw a lot of interest from the audience. Digimon Data Squad was launched back in the year 2006 and continued up to the year 2007. It was first aired on Kix (a United Kingdom channel) and later on Jetix & Disney XD channel in the year 2007-2008. It was launched in 2006 in Japan on Fuji TV and continued till 2007. It was directed by Naoyuki Itou and it is based upon the action, adventure science, and fiction.

The plot of the story features a 14-year-old boy named, Marcus Damon who is a great fighter, whom nobody can defeat. The plot takes a turn when Marcus meets Agumon, who is a member of DATS (Digital Accident Tactics Squad) and has escaped it. The DATS (Digital Accident Tactics Squad) is a governmental organization that aims at protecting Digimon from the invasion of humans. Agumon and Marcus become friends and they start doing work for DATS together. Marcus has a team that consists of Thomas, Gaoman, and Yoshino Yoshi. The plot of the story also features for a character like Merukimon, who lives in an infinite ice ridge and is the ruler of the eastern digital world.

Other characters include Biyomon, Falcomon, Akihiro Kurata, Frigimon, Belphemn, ShineGreymon etc. The story focuses on the friendship of Marcus & Agumon and even on the various ways they use to tackle problems relating to the digital world. In the story, it has been seen that the main enemy was Akihiro Kurata, a scientist who had made an attack on the digital world. The attack led to the death of some Digimon. Hence, he was considered as the greatest enemy of the Digimon. The producers of the show are Atsutoshi Umezawa, Hiroaki Shibata, Atsushiya Takase, Koji Kaneda, and Shinichi Ikeda.

The series has a total of 48 episodes. This is the successor to the fifth part of the Digimon series. The Digimon series have been written by Ryota Yamaguchi. The series is highly famous and well known among the children of 90’s and 2000’s. This is the very first series that featured digital monsters and their stories. The show has received very good ratings from the viewers and even is relevant among the today’s children. The episodes of the show are available on the web for reference.

Another Version Story...

Digimon Data Squad is a Japanese fictional anime series. The series was the fifth in the Digimon franchise. It was originally broadcasted in Japanese and later dubbed in English and other languages. It aired on Fuji TV between 2006-07 and was produced by Toei Animation. Disney Channel picked it up for telecasting in America. The Digimon franchise is based around digital creatures that exist in a world parallel to ours. This world exists in the vast communications and data networks in our modern world. In the Digimon universe, these life forms were first discovered in the digital networks in 1997. These digital creatures are adopted by the humans who embark on adventures to ensure the safety of the digital world.

Digimon Data Squad takes place years after the original series and introduced new “Digimons”. The series revolves around a 14-year-old boy named Marcus Damon. Marcus is an undefeated fighter who meets Agumon, an escapee from the Digital Accident Tactics Squad. DATS is an organization that works to safeguard Earth from the perils of the digital world. While Agumon and Marcus clash at first, they quickly develop a bond and decide to reenlist in the DATS. In DATS, they meet two new teammates – Thomas, his Digimon partner – Gaomon and Yoshino and his Digimon partner, Lalamon.

While working in the DATS, Thomas discovers that the Digimons recognize the darkness in the humans and can use it to their advantage to harm humans. The plot thickens when Merukimon arrives. In their efforts to defeat him, they realize that the true enemy is a human scientist named – Akihiro Kurata. Kurata formulated a plan to destroy the digital world. He successfully convinced the governments but it was too late until they realized Kurata’s true intentions – give rise to the powerful Belphemon and rule human as well as the digital world. Despite Belphemon’s strength, Marcus and his friends are successful in defeating him.

After his defeat, Kurata had one last act which was triggering a bomb to collapse the boundaries between the digital and human world. Marcus, his friends with the help of DATS approach King Drasil, the ruler of the digital world to ensure the survival of both the worlds. King Drasil is not interested in saving the human world, which does not sit well with Marcus. Drasil’s guard rebel against him but he doesn’t budge to the pressure. Finally, Marcus and Agumon defeat King Drasil and save both the worlds from the collision. The series ends as humans and Digimons co-existing peacefully. While Yoshi has joined the police, Thomas grows up to be a world-renowned scientist. Marcus and Agumon become the peacekeepers in the digital world and ensure peaceful survival among various Digimon factions.