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Bates Motel is a psychological horror drama American television series which was released on March 18, 2013. By now, a total of 5 seasons comprising 10 episodes with running time of approximate 45 minutes per episode have been released. The show is developed by Kerry Ehrin, Anthony Cipriano, and Carlton Cuse. Producer of the series is Mark Wolper, Roy Lee, Tim Southam, Christopher Nelson, John Middleton, Jr. Kerry Ehrin Carlton, Erica Lipez, Tucker Gates, Justis Greene, Scott Kosar, Tim Southam, Jamie Kaye Wheeler. The setting of the series is outside of Vancouver in Aldergrove, British Columbia, different areas inside the Fraser Valley of British Columbia, and the Fraser Valley of British Columbia.

The Norma Louise role is played by Vera Farmiga, Norman Bates by Freddie Highmore, Dylan Massett by Max Thieriot, Emma Decody by Olivia Cooke, Bradley Martin by Nicola Peltz, SSheriff Alex Romero by Nestor Carbonell,and Caleb Calhoun by Kenny Johnson. The television series depicts the lives of Norman Bates and his mom Norma. The series begins in Arizona with the demise of Norma's better half, after which Norma buys a motel situated near a coastal Oregon town so that she and Norman can begin a new life there. Subsequent seasons bring in new twist as Norman's mental sickness becomes riskier, and Norma battles to shield her child from him.. On June 15, 2015, the Bates Motel was extended for the fourth and fifth season, making the show longest-running unique scripted show arrangement in the channel's history.

The fifth and last season was aired on February 20, 2017.The arrangement's lead on-screen characters, Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore, have got specific acclaim for their acting in the series, with the latter getting a Primetime Emmy Award selection. Also, the actress, Farmiga won a Saturn Award and Bates Motel won three People's Choice Award and Favorite Cable TV Drama and many more. Season 1 started on March 18, 2013, and ended on May 20, 2013, with ten episodes telecasted at 10 p.m. on Monday. In the first season after Norman's father death, Norma and Norman buy a motel. The previous owner of the motel comes there and physically abuses Norma. Norman knocks him out, and Norma kills him and takes the lifeless body out of town so that nobody can know about the incident.

Season 2 started on March 3, 2014, and ended on May 5, 2014.It was telecasted on 9 p.m. every Monday evening. In the second season Bradley's searches for her father's murderers and get minor clues whereas Dylan learns the bitter truth about his parentage. On the other hand, Norma finds herself making risky decisions to run the motel and prevent the impending bypass. Season 3 started on March 9, 2015, and ended on May 11, 2015. It used to be telecasted every Monday evening at 9 p.m. Third season concentrates on Norman's melting away. The sensational occasions of the second season leave Norma aware of her child's mental delicacy and frightful of what he is going to do. In the interim, Sheriff Romero starts to separate himself from the Bates family after he gets to know that Norma is deceiving him about her better half.

Season 4 started on March 7, 2016, and ended on May 16, 2016.It was telecasted on Monday evening at 9 p.m. The In the fourth season, Norma turns out to be progressively dreadful of Norman, trying hard to recover him with all the expert help he needs. That destroys their once unbreakable trust as Norman battles to keep up his hold on reality. In the meantime, Sheriff Romero again gets involved in their lives. The last Season 5 starts on February 20, 2017, telecasted on 10 p.m. every Monday. The fifth season started two years after the passing away of Norma. Openly upbeat and balanced, Norman battles at home, where his power outages are expanding and "Mother" undermines to take him over. In the meantime, Dylan and Emma move once again into Norman's reality and Romero yearns for retribution against his stepson.