Bengali Tv Serial Uma

Uma Bengali TV SERIALS on Zee Bangla

Uma is a Bengali language sports drama serial that was aired on the channel of Zee Bangla. Written by Ayan Sengupta and Ananya, and directed by Piyush Ghosh and Arghya Roy the serial was premiered on 13th September 2021 and continues till date. So far it has 210 episodes each with a running time of 20-22 minutes. The serial revolves around a young girl named Uma. Uma is portrayed as a youthful young woman who has a tomboyish side to her and loves to play cricket. Her dream is to become a famous sportsperson, preferably a cricketer and she wants to build a career regarding it. However, she belongs to a small middle-class family with certain ethical and moral values and her parents don’t allow her to follow her dreams. They tell her that she is meant to be a normal woman who has a normal career like other girls and ask her to stop being boyish. They ask her to get married instead and forget her dreams of becoming a cricketer.

She meets a man named Abhimanyu who comes from a rich background. However, they both fall for each other and Abhimanyu finds out about Uma’s love for cricket. Uma worries that he too might judge her passion and hate her for it but instead Abhmanyu shows intense support for her and asks her to follow her dreams. He encourages her to start playing again and slowly Uma gains back her confidence and tries to follow her passion and dreams. Throughout the entire journey Abhimanyu is there for her and cheers her on. If Uma becomes a successful cricketer or whether her dreams are crushed by society at large and whether Abhimanyu realises his feelings for Uma is what constitutes the rest of the episodes.