Bengali Tv Serial Maa Durga

Maa Durga Bengali TV SERIALS on Colors Bangla

Maa Durga is a mythological serial based on the life of Goddess Durga. From Parvati to Durga, the show covers the legends surrounding all the forms of the Goddess. Every episode showcases a different story related to the life of Durga Maa and glorifies her powers. Sometimes as Maa Anaapoorna, sometimes as Kali, it shows all the shades of Durga.

 It premiered on 22nd August; 2014 on Colours Bangla. In the first episode, King Daksha meditates under the tree. He wants that Maa Durga should take birth as his daughter, Mohmaya. Maa Durga is happy with his dedication and grants his wish, after which the story proceeds further.