Ketugadu is a romantic drama film directed by Kittu Nalluri He is also the writer of the movie Venkatesh Balasani is the producer of the movie and it was rel

Ketugadu Movie Review

Ketugadu Movie Review Telugu Movie Review
Review for the film " Ketugadu"
Runtime: 2 Hours 07 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 18-09-2015
Genre: Action, Drama
2.5 / 5.0

Ketugadu is a romantic drama film directed by Kittu Nalluri. He is also the writer of the movie. Venkatesh Balasani is the producer of the movie, and it was released in 2015.

Plot- Chandu is part of a gang and steals automobiles, especially cars. He is asked to steal an expensive car by the head. He tracks for a month in his locality but could not find anything expensive. However, he meets a girl named Ahira and starts dreaming about her. He wants to approach her but is afraid of getting rejected because of his profession.

After a few days of search, he finds a suitable car for stealing. Later that night, he steals the car from the owner and flees in the jungle for searching it for any possible tracker. Instead of a tracker, he finds Ahira in the boot of the car. To know how she ended up in the boot and what was the motive, watch the movie.

Analysis- The movie has a good story and above all, a pretty shocking climax which must not be revealed here. Kittu Nalluri has successfully logged in to keep the movie a secret and not letting anybody what's in the store. The chasing sequences, the mystery behind Ahira's brother giving him a contract to kidnap her; keeps the audience interested.

The constant romance between Chandu and Ahira on the side didn't get much screen, but still eludes the audience. It had the potential of becoming a blockbuster if the editing were kept tight. Kittu has mixed the role of Rajiv Kanakala very well as Ahira's brother and the main villain in the movie. However, the chasing sequences in the second half could have been cut short to make it more precise.

Star Performances: Teju is average with his performance in the movie. The motivation needed to express himself, lacks in the movie and he could have done more. Chandini Chowdhary, on the other hand, does not get much screen but keeps herself precise. Rajiv's character was an easy walk-off for him considering his standards. He has delivered his dialogues perfectly, and the negative image has been clearly established by him. Ajay has failed terribly in the movie and needed a lot of improvement in his skills. Kittu Nalluri is average with his direction, but surprises with his story. The music is off the beat, and Sai Karthik fails to leave an impression in the movie.

What's there? The movie has some serious action and chasing scenes which will take your heart away. Furthermore, Teju fans will love to see him doing romance again. It also comprises of a shocking and surprising climax, which will storm the audience with exquisite curiosity that why it happened this way. Also, the story of the movie is firm and interesting.

What's not there? The movie has many loop holes, and the audience does not feel satisfied with it. You will not get the answers to some questions, and you might find it crucial. Also, the direction has been average, and Kittu can have done much better and so is the editing. The music is also not so good to please you.

Verdict- The movie, on an average, entertains you but tests your patience at the same time. You can watch it at your risk if you want to.