Chalo is directed and scripted by Venky Kudumula He is also the story writer and screenplay writer The movie is produced by Usha Mulpuri The music has been c

Chalo Movie Review

Chalo Movie Review Telugu Movie Review
Review for the film " Chalo"
Runtime: 2 Hours 24 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 02-02-2018
Genre: Action, Romance, Comedy
3 / 5.0

Chalo is directed and scripted by Venky Kudumula. He is also the story writer and screenplay writer. The movie is produced by Usha Mulpuri. The music has been composed by the famous music director Mahati Swara Sagar. Lyrics had been given by Ravikumar Bhaskarabhatla, and Shyam Kasarla. Sai Sriram cranked the camera. The stunts had been given by Venkat. The film also consists of another cast such as Mime Gopi, Posani Krishna Murali, Raghu Babu, and Satya Akkala.


Naga Shaurya playing the lead role is a boy from Hyderabad going to study at a place called Tiruppuram. The place is divided into two parts, one for Tamil people, and other for Telugu people. This division happened at the time of the separation of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. There at the college, he meets the heroine. To know how he is going to unite the people over there, watch it in theatres.

Star Performances:

Naga Shaurya and Rashmika Mandanna played the lead roles, and had done justice to their roles and worked hard for the movie’s grand success. Though they have a lot of shades within, still putting up the confidence and with a lot of efforts they worked hard and gave their stunning best.


The story being a mixture of all the action, romance, and comedy has attracted everyone. When you come across the movie, you will get clarity on all the things of life like love, friends, and this is the backbone of the movie. The movie shows you how life is, and Shaurya had given a new look. If you are a fervent fan of Shaurya, then the movie is going to be very interesting, and if not you are going to become a passionate fan.

What’s there:

Performances given by the stars.

Music is very soulful.

The screenplay of the movie seems to be good.

Edits had been done the best.

Locations used were very attractive.

What’s not there:

Cinema was made a bit complicated.

The flow of the movie seems to be lagging.


The movie, being a family entertainer and a youth entertainer, has attracted all the audience. If someone wants to watch a movie with lots of entertainment, then this movie is a perfect fodder and the best entertainer.