Telugu film 39 Balapam-Patti-Bhama Odilo is a romantic comedy film which was written and directed by A C Mugil and produced by TCS The film is a dubbed ve

Balapam Patti Bhama Odilo Movie Review

Balapam Patti Bhama Odilo Movie Review Telugu Movie Review
Review for the film " Balapam Patti Bhama Odilo"
Runtime: 2 Hours 13 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 04-11-2016
Genre: Romance, Drama
3 / 5.0



Telugu film 'Balapam-Patti-Bhama Odilo is a romantic comedy film, which was written and directed by A.C. Mugil, and produced by TCS. The film is a dubbed version of the Tamil film ‘Kandaen’. The Film has a new impact on music and fresh voices were used for the songs. These songs are complimentary for new upcoming singers.


The story of the film begins with Shanthanu Bhagyaraj as Vasanth, an engineering student, who comes from Chennai. In his college, he falls in love at the first sight itself with an attractive, pretty lady named Narmada, who is the female lead of the movie. Rashmi Gautam's (as the Narmada) father, who is a police commissioner comes to know about it, and he is not happy about it. He did not like Vasanth because he is blind. But the loving couple reconcile. At the end of the movie, a successful eye operation was done for Vasanth that makes everyone happy, and they return to India happily to get married.


The story of the movie is excellent, and it concentrates on love at first sight. As we say, ‘love is blind’; this story completely carries this message. On the other hand, the story also explains about friendship and its importance in someone's life. The quality of directional efforts makes it a successful outcome.


1. Shanthanu and Santhanam's comedy was appreciated.

2. The lead actress has put some melancholic effects.

3. Ashish Vidyarthi's capabilities were fully utilized as the female lead's father.

What's there?

1. Music is composed by Vijay Ebenezer. It was a good effort done by a newcomer.

2. Cinematography done by Prashanth was average.

What's not there?

1. Lack of efficient editing on some scenes shows the pragmatic efforts of the editing team.

2. Some roles are very useless and some had poor acting skills.


Love and emotion is the basic plot of this film. Quality stuff has been served by director A.C. Mugil and music composer Vijay Ebenezer. The story is an average work.