When youngsters unite to make a movie on issues such as ATM robbery it is indeed a good attempt These students would have the fresh mindset to come up with a

Maiem Movie Review

Maiem Movie Review Tamil
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Maiem"
Runtime: 1 Hour 59 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 16-10-2015
Genre: Thriller
2 / 5.0

When youngsters unite to make a movie on issues such as ATM robbery, it is indeed a good attempt. These students would have the fresh mindset to come up with a neat presentation. But ironically, Maiem stumbles at certain portions, thanks to the weak narration. The plot is indeed real but perhaps due to the amateurish attitude of the newbies behind the scene, the film lacks depth. 
Jai Quehaeni is a famous model and to escape from her fans, she gets into an ATM. There she bounces on a psycho who wants to harm her. Surprisingly, no amount of money will make him leave the place. What is it that he wants? Robo Shankar is the security person of that ATM place. How is Jai being helped from the clutches of the psycho, forms the rest of the plot. There is also another story running in this film.
What’s there?
Debutant Aditya Bhaskaran has extracted the best from the newcomers, and it is vivid in the movie; Jai Queheni has done a commendable job.; she emotes really well; Hashim Zain has understood his part well and done a neat job. Robo Shankar virtually steals the show with his outstanding performance. The music and BGM of Kashif Rafiq, who is the nephew of A R Rahman, is good.

What’s not there?
The dialogues of the flick could have been crafted better to live up to the genre of the film. When such films should have an impact on the audience, this movie pitiably fails to do so. 
Premieres of a movie would be presented only to celebrities. But Maiem has taken a different attempt in premiering the film to over 100 students. Maiem has a team of 27 novice technicians out of which a dozen are students. The youngsters, as expected of their age, are bold enough in voicing their viewpoints. But again, the litmus test is to keep the audience engaged throughout the film. Some try their best to elevate the film by inserting all the necessary ingredients in the right proportion. But the problem is that, in this process, they manage to maintain the pace of the first half, but faltering at the second half. Maiem is one film that has an unexpected twist in the second half. But we only tend to look keenly at the first half. Maiem is disappointing all over the first half but if you are patient,  you can wait until the end. 
Verdict: A commendable effort by youngsters but the film could have presented in a better way.