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Maiem Teasers, Trailers, Video & Songs

Maiem is a romance thriller directed and written by fresh talents. The concept of the movie, the music soundtrack, and most of the actors involved are newcomers to the industry. Robo Shankar, a Tamil stand-up comedian, plays the role of a security guard in the film.

The trailer is about the making of the song ‘Manida’, the opening tune to the Maiem feature. Kashif Rafique, the music director of the movie starts off the video with an introduction to the story behind the concept and ideas to the music. The song incorporates some fresh views and has a grunge and angelic element to it. Arunraja, the lyricist and the singer of Manida, brings a gruff voice into the music which complements the soft and breezy parts of it, sung by Parag Chabbra.

The trailer gives us a view into the music studio and unveils the time and effort that goes behind the making of an opening tune. Each one of the artists and editors involved in the making of it give us an inside look and describe their experiences while creating it. The video interchanges between the clips of the studio and a young dancer, Aarti Bhaatnagar, seamlessly. The dance moves were rhythmical and in time to the music and gave a break to mundane parts of the video. The trailer highlights the song's concept and its presentation from the start to the finish with passion and creative ideas.