Suseenthiran scripted and directed the film. AKV Durai produced the film in association with D Company. R. Velraj cranked the camera, and Kasi Viswanathan edite

Kuttram Kuttrame Movie Review

Kuttram Kuttrame Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
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Review for the film " Kuttram Kuttrame"
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Runtime: 1 Hour 47 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 14-04-2022
Genre: Action
3 / 5.0

Suseenthiran scripted and directed the film. AKV Durai produced the film in association with D Company. R. Velraj cranked the camera, and Kasi Viswanathan Kasi Viswanathan is a renowned editor of films of >> Read More... Kasi Viswanathan edited the film. Ajesh composed the music. The film features Jai, Bharathiraja, Harish Uthaman Harish Uthaman has worked in Tamil, Malayalam and >> Read More... Harish Uthaman , Smruthi Venkat Smruthi Venkat is an Indian model and actress who >> Read More... Smruthi Venkat , Dhivya Duraisamy, Aruldoss, Madurai Muthu Madurai Muthu is a popular stand-up comedian and a >> Read More... Madurai Muthu , R. Velraj, Kasi Viswanathan and B. Sekar.


Doctors announced Kokila's death due to the overuse of sleeping pills. Her uncle, SI Naatrayan, did not believe this. He thinks Kokila is murdered. He started collecting evidence to know who killed Kokila.  Kokila used to have fights with her husband, Eeshwaran, a few times. Through his investigation, he learned that Eeshwaran was already having an affair with his niece Priya. Priya is hiding something from Naatrayan. This made Naatrayan concludes that Priya and Eeshwaran killed Kokila. He shows this evidence to  Kokila's parents, and they complaint about this case. DSP Muthukaruppan is now in charge of this case. Is Kokila's death a murder? Did Eeshwaran and Priya kill Kokila? The rest of the film speaks about this.

Star Performance

Every actor's performance was good. They did perform as they were expected. Jai, as the lead actor, was so good. His performance in the entire film was brilliant. From the start till the end, he creates so much suspense in the film. Harish Uthaman's performance was astonishing. His investigation and detailing of the case were outstanding. His sorrow towards the dead Kokila was nice. He made every character in the film suspenseful. Smruthi Venkat's character made the film come alive. Her whole presence creates suspense and thrill in the film. Bharathiraja’s acting was incredible. His suspicious looks at every single person were excellent. Dhivya Duraisamy’s role made a significant impact on the whole film. If her role did not exist, maybe we would never saw this masterpiece film. Madurai Muthu’s character was fantastic. The thrill and suspense this single character made in this film that no other character ever created. All the other characters were unforgettable.


The movie had a great storyline. The film creates so much suspense at the start. The film's whole theme was crime. But the way it twisted made the film watchable. Karma is real, and it is alive. This message was shown in the film. The background music and songs played a significant role in this film. In some scenes, this film became horror. The film makes us shiver while watching. Some people may find this film hard to watch because of the twist in every single plot. The film’s message was relevant and sensible. Even if it is for love, crime is a crime. The theme was good. The film shifts its story to create more suspense. From the start till the end, suspense is maintained. We can not judge easily who is the real criminal.

What’s There?

  • The film has good suspense and thrill.
  • The acting in the film was great.
  • The film shows relevant messages.
  • Hidden messages and meanings are established in every plot of the film.

What’s Not There?

  • The film has a twisted and confusing storyline.
  • The film is not understandable while watching it for the first time.


For the fans of Jai, this film is a masterpiece. Every single element shown in the film is showcased nicely. In the film acting, emotion and suspense is perfect. The only thing was lacking is confusing plots in the middle of the film. Those who like a thriller, suspense, crime, or even horror will enjoy this film.