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Endru Thaniyum Movie Review

Endru Thaniyum Review Tamil Movie Review
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Endru Thaniyum"
Runtime: 2 Hours 07 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 18-03-2016
Genre: Drama
3.25 / 5.0



Endru Thaniyum has hit the screens silently. Let’s see what the movie is all about. 


The Village Head and Chairman have total control of the village. Religious prejudice is the day-to-day issue in this village. The Head and Chairman secretly kill those who have intercaste marriage.; such is their intolerance. Since the Inspector also belongs to the same caste of the village head and Chairman the matter is not considered seriously. 
Yuvan Mayilsamy lost his mother at a young age and brought by his loving sister. His father spends time in boozing and doesn’t go for a job. Yuvan goes to Tiruppur seeking a job. Sandana falls for him at first sight itself. But Yuvan doesn’t seem to care for her.

Yuvan’s sister works in a quarry in the village, and she romances a guy who is working with her. They try to get married, but the Chairman and Village Head kills them. Yuvan learns about this and is hell bent on punishing them. 

Does Yuvan emerge victorious in avenging those who killed his sister? Does he reciprocate the love of Sandhana? Watch the movie to unbolt these questions.

Star Performances

Yuvan slips into his role easily and is good in the emotional scenes. K Jeevitha, who essays the role of Yuvan’s sister, does a great job as the doting sister. Sandhana, though in a minimal role, does what is required of her. The rest of the characters gives a convincing performance. 


Director Bharathi Krishnakumar has handled a sensitive subject as caste intolerance in this film. The director is clear in what he wants to convey; he hits the bull’s eye by showing that caste discrimination still exists in some villages. 

What’s there?

  • The movie is very realistic.
  • The music of Prabhakar is good.
  • S B Mani’s cinematography is average. 

What’s not there?

 BGM could have been better.


The movie can be watched for its realistic execution.