Plot Agathinai is the village subject that has romance and sentiment mixed equally This film has Varma Mahima Nambiar and Aadukalam Naren Direction is by U

Agathinai Movie Review

Agathinai Movie Review Tamil
Review for the film " Agathinai"
Runtime: 2 Hours 22 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 20-03-2015
Genre: Drama
2.5 / 5.0



Plot: Agathinai is the village subject that has romance and sentiment mixed equally. This film has Varma, Mahima Nambiar and Aadukalam Naren. Direction is by U. P .Marudhu and the cinematography is by Akilan and music is by Maria Manohar.

The story of Agathinai is very simple. Naren is the village big shot. His wife delivers a girl baby and dies at once. Naren loves his wife so much and hence denies getting remarried. He lives only for his daughter. He makes her to study well and protects her with warmth. Naren’s daughter role is performed by Mahima. Mahima is very affectionate with her father, as her father is so affectionate. Varma is an orphan boy, who stays in Naren’s house right from his childhood. Varma works as the car driver cum assistant to Naren. Naren treats Varma as a family member and not as a servant; similarly, Varma has high respect with his mentor Naren.

Time passes on smoothly. One day when Mahima was riding a bike, she falls into a well. Varma notices this and jumped into the well and admits her in the hospital and saves her. At that time Mahima notices that, her chain is missing. The chain was nothing but the umbilical cord of her mother; Mahima feels very much for missing the chain. Varma finds it out after a long search and gives it to her. As usual, Mahima falls in love with Varma and one fine day she expresses it to him. But Naren searched a bridegroom for Mahima and informs her. Knowing this, Varma gets out of the house, saying that he has got a job in the nearby town.

Will Mahima marry the boy, who was selected by her father or will she marry Varma? Watch the film for the rest of the story. All the characters in this movie have performed well. Naren is given much more importance than the hero Varma. Varma and Mahima have expressed the romantic and sentimental feelings well. Naren performed as a good father who lives only for his daughter. This movie could be watched for the performance of these artists. Music by Maria Manohar is a good one.