Paavada is 2016 Malayalam film directed by G Marthandan Bipin Chandran has written its story and it is based on the story he co-wrote with Shibin Francis Ma

Paavada Movie Review

Paavada Movie Review Malayalam Movie Review
Review for the film " Paavada"
Runtime: 2 Hours 27 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 15-01-2016
Genre: Comedy, Drama
3 / 5.0



Paavada is 2016 Malayalam film directed by G. Marthandan. Bipin Chandran Bipin Chandran, also known as Bindran is a screenp >> Read More... has written its story, and it is based on the story he co-wrote with Shibin Francis Shibin Francis is a screenwriter. He was born on 2 >> Read More... . Maniyan Pilla Raju has produced it under the banner of Maniyan Pilla Raju production.


The movie revolves around a social topic - alcoholism. Joy is a very talented and intelligent person, but drinking has sunk his career. Joy fails to leave alcohol after many tries. Frustrated by this, Joy's wife leaves him and starts working in an old age home as a nurse. Babu, a renowned businessman, is also addicted to drinking and his family is also frustrated by this addiction of his. Joy and Babu are admitted to the same de-addiction clinic run by Chemban Vinod Jose, and they both become roommates. Living together, they both discovers new qualities about each other and flee from the clinic to discover the whole world by themselves. The movie goes on with Joy and Babu roaming around the city, exploring the places and even end up in taking a major decision in their lives. To see what happens next, you have to watch the movie.


Prithviraj Sukumaran is going through a purple patch in his career. He is improving with every other movie. Maniyan Pilla Raju has let down as Babu and fails terribly to take the message of the film to the masses. However, he has done a better job in direction. Chemban Vinod Jose remains on the screen for a short time but still creates space for himself in the audience's minds. The movie has many cameos, and they take the movie to a different space.

Star performances-

Prithviraj has impressed the critics and audience with his performance. Anoop Menon Anoop Menon is an Indian film actor, script writer >> Read More... , on the other hand, needs a lot of improvement. Miya appears as a cameo in the second half and is very impressive. Bipin Chandran stole the show with his screenplay and cinematography. Marthandan has captured every shot with essence but still lacks the intensity the movie required. Ali Nedumangad has done a phenomenal job in narrating the movie.

What's there-

The movie is on a social topic and Marthandan should be applauded for making a film on such topic. The movie has shown the difficulties an addicted person faces. It also does a social job of educating the youth about alcohol and its effects. The movie, apart from this has a firm story and is entertaining.

What's not there-

The movie has some flaws. The movie falls apart in linking the two halves. The movie also doesn't impress the audience with the music.


The movie entertains the audience and can be watched once you ignore the flaws.