Devrantha Manushya is scripted and directed by Kiran Shetty The film is produced by Manjunath The music composition is by Pradhyothan for the lyrics of Rohith

Devrantha Manushya Movie Review

Devrantha Manushya Movie Review Kannada Movie Review
Review for the film " Devrantha Manushya"
Runtime: 2 Hours 3 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 02-02-2018
Genre: Drama, Comedy
3 / 5.0



Devrantha Manushya is scripted and directed by Kiran Shetty. The film is produced by Manjunath. The music composition is by Pradhyothan for the lyrics of Rohith Ramana. Devrantha Manushya star cast has “ Pratham,” Suchendra Prasad, Shruthi, Kirik Keerthi, Sangeetha, Vaishnavi Menon and Tabla Nani.


Pratham is a drunkard. While Suchendra Prasad gets inside a restaurant with a bar attached not to get drenched in the rain, he meets Tabla Nani. When they both have a conversation, Pratham joined them and started narrating his flashback. He tells them about his past love. Pratham had been in love with a Policewomen’s daughter Shruthi. What all Pratham did for her family impressed Suchendra. He believed his story and decided to meet the policewomen’s daughter. While he meets Shruthi along with Tabla Nani, they come to know about another side of Pratham. Suchendra tells about him to his daughter Vaishnavi. On hearing this story, she decides to meet him. What happened next? Watch the film in theatres!

Star Performance

Pratham has brought out his best. Kirik Keerthi comes as a guest and has done what is expected of him. Suchendra Prasad has done justice to his role and the same goes with Tabla Nani. Both the heroines have given a decent performance.


Kiran Shetty has come with a different story. By using the Bigg Boss fame of Pratham, the director has designed the script for him. The script has twists in three places and all of them give the viewers, a surprise. The script is not a usual one and Pratham’s role is a new one to Sandalwood. Hence it needs expertise to play in the role and Pratham has done his role perfectly.

What’s There?

  • Star cast is good
  • Unpredictable scenes with twists
  • Performance of the stars

What’s Not There?

  • Execution is not good
  • Certain scenes seem to be purposely inserted


Overall, the film that comes with a different story impresses the audiences. Although there are some minor faults in the film, Devrantha Manushya is a one-time watch!