Manjari is a Kannada language Horror and Thriller film directed by VishruthNaik Plot Avinash and Shilpa buy a new farmhouse and go away to attend Avinash rs

Manjari Movie Review

Manjari Movie Review Kannada Movie Review
Review for the film " Manjari"
Runtime: 2 Hours 07 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 02-02-2018
Genre: Thriller
3 / 5.0

Manjari is a Kannada language Horror and Thriller film directed by VishruthNaik.


Avinash and Shilpa buy a new farmhouse and go away to attend Avinash’s wedding. They leave their house in the care of their servant Ramanna. During their absence, Ramanna calls over two of his friends to party in the house. In their drunken stupor, they accidentally break a pot buried outside the house. It stored the spirit of a hateful woman who was lured out from the home a long time ago by a Priest conversant in the Black magic. But, alas, the vessel is broken, and the spirit is set loose. When Avinash and Shilpa come back to the house with their newly wedded brother and his wife, things start getting very haunting. The priest who had initially imprisoned the ghost comes to the house to help, but Avinash refuses his help. Soon things become more and more troublesome, and the spirit Manjari drives them to madness. They ultimately learn the circumstances that had driven Manjari to become such a vengeful spirit.


The movie uses the art form of subtlety. There are not many graphic scenes to induce fear in the audience, but the slow build-up works like a charm. Director Vishruth Naik does an incredible job of not keeping the audience hanging. He also weeds out any boring scenes that might remove attention from the horror of the film. Most of the shooting takes place in a secluded farmhouse. The movie in spite of being a horror film has many comic scenes as well. The sound effects are another character of the film as it helps the film to achieve that level of fear and scariness that makes it a good thriller. Shankar K and Kiran KK jointly produce the film. Manu B.K. handles the cinematography. The movie is not a nighttime horror film, most of the ghost scenes are shown during the day. The songs in the film have attracted the audience very well. Naik shoots the movie in Tiptur, Bidadi, Nandi Hills and Kolar surroundings. The movie has mixed elements of horror, romance, and comedy. Star Performance Roopika, the protagonist, does a fantastic job of the acting. Manjari is her first serious role in a big movie. Prabhu Mundukar, Vijay Chendoor, and Amith are the other lead actors, and they all do excellent work.

What’s there?

1) A good script

2) Some chilling and scaring scenes

3) Brilliant acting by Roopika

What’s not there?

1) Dialogues could have been better

2) Very few graphic scenes


Manjari is a good horror film and will not disappoint in entertaining.