A mythological story with a modern cast Dakshyagna is the story of immolation sacrifice and enlightenment Plot Dakshyagna is a repeat over or remake of the

Dakshayagna Movie Review

Dakshayagna Movie Review Kannada Movie Review
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Dakshayagna"
Runtime: 2 Hours 4 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 20-05-2016
Genre: Drama
2 / 5.0

A mythological story with a modern cast, Dakshyagna is the story of immolation sacrifice and enlightenment.

Plot: Dakshyagna is a repeat over or remake of the ancient mythological event. Dakshyagna is the story of Daksh performing a Yagna (A mythological ritual) to insult Lord Shiva. Shiva, who is one of the most powerful God in the Hindu Mythology. Daksh before performing the Yagna goes to Kailasha and is thereby stopped by Nandi, which angers the ever arrogant Daksha. He decides to perform a Yagna without inviting Shiva or Sati. Sati then goes on to get clarification from her father Daksha who in turn insults Shiva.

Hearing this, Sati immolates her in the Yagna and sacrifices her life to fulfill her father’s wish not to marry Shiva. Shiva, of course, infuriated sent Veerbhadra to avenge Sati’s death. Baffled and aggrieved to see his son dead, Lord Brahma begs Shiv to restore him to life. Lord Shiv thereupon affixes a goat’s head on his body so that Daksha remembers his punishment. This makes him realize his arrogance was unnecessary, and he falls in the feet of Lord Shiva.

Analysis: The movie is purely based on ancient storyline and nothing much has been changed. The characters too remain the same making it a historical or religious film. The script is not much to talk about although the animation used is decent enough. The movie has narrations in between which percolate to the modern times too. Star Performances The movie does not have a star-studded cast but some really good stage actors. Somu, who is an agriculturist and stage performer, is portraying Daksh.

Whereas Niranjan, another stage performer is portraying Lord Shiva. Both of them have done satisfactorily in playing their respective parts. Amongst others are Sachin, Satish Ponnayya, Neharika, Priyanka, Shwetha, Shiva and Nagendra Prasad in supporting roles. Overall the performances are decent throughout the movie.

What’s there?

 1. Nice background of the historical event with lots of spiritual learning.

2. The beautiful narration which is applicable to present times.

3. A nicely scripted event along with some nice songs.

What’s not there?

1. No innovation, the movie is as monotonous as it could be.

2. The stage actors are not accustomed to the screen, which is clear in their acting.

Verdict On the whole, the movie is a basic repeat of the ancient event without novation. It is good with narration and has certain resemblance with modern times.