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Vash is a Hindi horror, romance, thriller, and drama film released in 2023. Jagmeet Samundri is the film s director, and Ganga Mamgai is the producer. The cinem

Vash Movie Review

Vash Movie Review Hindi Movie Review
Written by Sivapriya Anand
Review for the film " Vash"
Streaming On: SonyLIV
Runtime: 1 hour 48 minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 21-07-2023
Genre: Horror
3.5 / 5.0

Vash is a Hindi horror, romance, thriller, and drama film released in 2023. Jagmeet Samundri is the film’s director, and Ganga Mamgai is the producer. The cinematography is by Manoj Shaw Manoj Shaw or Manoj Gupta is a renowned name in Hi >> Read More... Manoj Shaw . Mukhtar Sahota Mukhtar Sahota is a famous British Punjabi music c >> Read More... Mukhtar Sahota composed the music, and Jagmeet Samundri edited the film. Deepak Chakrabarty is the art director, and Raj Inder Sharma is the costume designer.

Vivek Jaitly Vivek Jaitly is a North Indian actor. He has done >> Read More... Vivek Jaitly and Ganga Mamgai are the leading cast. Rituraj Singh Rituraj Singh is an Indian actor who mostly acts o >> Read More... Rituraj Singh , Kaveri Priyam Kaveri Priyam is an Indian Television Actress and >> Read More... Kaveri Priyam , Vishal Sudarshanwar Vishal Sundarshanwar is an Indian film actor and a >> Read More... Vishal Sudarshanwar , Hardik Thakkar Hardik is a young actor currently seen in the Colo >> Read More... Hardik Thakkar , Rajveer Suryavanshi, Gurinder Makna Gurinder Makna lives in Amritsar, Punjab. He compl >> Read More... Gurinder Makna , Proita Banik, and Preeti Kochar Preeti Kochar is a well- known Indian actress. She >> Read More... Preeti Kochar play supporting roles.


The film is about the newlywed couple Rakshit (Vivek Jaitly) and Aanchal (Ganga Mamgai). They live happily in the Paragpur village of Himachal Pradesh. They both go on a trip to a remote hill station in Himachal Pradesh. However, things take a dark turn when they get lost in a forest and experience frightening incidents. Moreover, several murders are happening in Paragpur.

Aanchal also begins experiencing terrifying incidents related to the book she had been reading gifted by her journalist friend. Aanchal sees an evil spirit who tortures her. These horrifying incidents have a connection with Aanchal’s past.

Why is the couple experiencing such terrifying incidents? What is the mystery behind the evil spirit and the murders in Paragpur? Is this just an imagination? Is there any danger for Aanchal which is yet to come? Will Rakshit and Aanchal’s true love be successful in defeating this evil spirit?

Star Performance

Vivek Jaitly delivered an excellent performance. He made all efforts to make this film engaging. His transformation from a simple man to a fierce fighter is appealing to the viewers. With his powerful performance, Vivek achieves new heights in his acting career. The way he loves and cares for his wife is also a beautiful part of this film.

Ganga Mamgai delivered a remarkable performance on her debut. She carefully portrays the change from a young, loving woman to a ghostly spirit seeking forgiveness. Her dialogue delivery and expressions make the film impressive. Her powerful performance creates an impact on the viewers.

Rituraj Singh, who played the role of Shastri, adds depth to this film. He looks decent on screen. The rest of the supporting cast gave impressive performances.


The film Vash explores the themes of rebirth, desire, revenge, and love. Frightening paranormal incidents are visible throughout the film. These incidents give a thrilling experience to the viewers. The film’s ending is also mind-blowing. Besides horror elements, it also entertains the viewers.

The cinematographer deserves a lot of praise for beautifully capturing the landscapes and deep forests of Himachal Pradesh. The cinematography enriches the film’s gloomy atmosphere. The music enhances the emotional and suspenseful scenes. The film has an even pace and maintains a balance between romance and horror elements. The lead cast gave a brilliant performance with the required emotions. 

However, the concept of the film is not at all unique. People experiencing horrific paranormal incidents and connection to their pasts is a common horror theme. The horror elements fail to terrify the viewers in some scenes. Moreover, some horror scenes evoke laughter rather than scaring the viewers. The storyline seems to be a bit predictable. All in all, considering the budget, Vash is an impressive film.

What’s There?

• Terrifying paranormal events.

• Romance and horror elements.

• Emotional scenes.

• Fantastic performance by the lead cast.

• A beautiful love story.

• Thrilling experience.

• The second half is full of climax.

• Themes of rebirth, revenge, and love.

• Stunning cinematography and VFX.

• Heart-touching music.

What’s Not There?

• The film’s concept is not unique.

• Horror elements lack intensity in some scenes.

• Predictable plot.

• Weak screenplay and execution.

• Minor flaws.


Vash takes you on a thrilling journey filled with terrific paranormal events. The performances by the cast, the chilling cinematography, and the music hold the film firmly. People who love horror will find this film gripping from start to finish. It is a one-time watch film.