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Punjabi Director Jagmeet Singh Samundri
  • Gender : Male

Born and brought up in Mukerian, in the Hoshiarpur district of Punjab, India, Jagmeet Singh Samundri is a famous film director who primarily works in the Punjabi film industry. He is known for producing films that depict the sacrifices of Sikh gurus and other people of the Sikh community who sacrificed their lives for the betterment of humanity. Some notable films of Jagmeet Singh include The Rise of Khalsa, Martyrs, and Saka: The Rise of Nankana Sahib. His latest work is Shahaadat, based on the life of the revered Baba Deep Singh and Bhai Mani Singh. He is also working on a horror film, a genre that is new to him. Currently, the director is based in Mumbai and is the proud owner of Samundri Creations. He is also an avid social media user and loves to post on Facebook about his life and current affairs.


Born: 26 February 1953

Age Now 71

Charanjit Ahuja - (Music Composer)

Born: 25 February 1998

Age Now 26

Sonia Verma - (Actress)