Plot The story of a middle-class family of three husband- nbsp Vishal wife- nbsp Anjali and their daughter While Vishal and Anjali are trying to hold on to

The Train Movie Review

The Train Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " The Train"
Runtime: 2 Hours 14 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 08-06-2007
Genre: Action, Thriller
4.1 / 5.0



Plot: The story of a middle-class family of three, husband- Vishal wife- Anjali, and their daughter. While Vishal and Anjali are trying to hold on to their deteriorating marriage, and lead a normal life, his daily life is home to office and back. One day while coming back from office, he meets the seductive woman Roma in the train. They instantaneously strike a friendship between them, which is quick to change in sharing a bed together. On getting to Roma know more, Vishal understands that she too is lonely, and trapped in a loveless marriage. Vishal, in consequence, is torn between two loves of his life, whether to follow his duty, and go back to his wife, or stay with his new found love. Just to complicate things more for Vishal, he realizes that he has a secret enemy who knows about his liaisons with Roma, and who is waiting for letting the secret out in the open.

Analysis: Extra marital affairs are not new in Bollywood. What distinguishes this flick from the others is that it adds, lies, treachery, deceit, and murders to keep it going, just what are essential for a thriller. The train is inspired from the Hollywood thriller Derailed, casting Clive Owen and Jennifer Aniston. The movie also has a surprising resemblance to Shashi Kapoor’s Bezubaan. For those who have not seen a train derailed, this may turn out to be a nice catch, as it seems to be an Indianized version of Derailed, adding to decent music, acting as a perfect topping to the cake. The screenplay is smartly penned, since a thriller is ought to shock its audience when a secret is revealed, and since the sequence of events are meant to jump from one to another.

Verdict: More or less, this train is on track, definitely an entertaining fare, which reaches its destination without hiccups.