Shor Se Shuruaat is an anthology film of seven short stories compiled into one These seven mini films nbsp are directed nbsp by nbsp Rahul V Chittella Amira B

Shor Se Shuruaat Movie Review

Shor Se Shuruaat Movie Review Hindi Movie Review
Review for the film " Shor Se Shuruaat"
Runtime: 2 Hours 05 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 16-12-2016
Genre: Drama
3.5 / 5.0

Shor Se Shuruaat is an anthology film of seven short stories compiled into one. These seven mini films are directed by Rahul V Chittella, Amira Bhargava, Arunima Sharma, Pratik Rajen Kothari, Supriya Sharma, Satish Raj Kasireddi, and Annie Zaidi.


Each of the films deals with the noise. However, the script and the narration of the seven stories are entirely different. Azaad deals with muting the dissenting voices. Yellow Tin Cup Telephone deals with the romance between a boy and girl, who are over sensitive to color and voice respectively. Amira's directorial venture deals with the feelings of the hearing-impaired child. Dhwani deals with the last days of a death row inmate.   

Stars Performances:

' Atul Kulkarni' has performed in Azaad directed by Rahul V Chittella. His performance is fantastic. A small boy playing a hearing impaired under the direction of Amira Bhargava has done his part flawlessly. Supriya Sharma's film has Sanjay Misra as a person, who is counting his days. Sanjay's performance gives a lift to the story with high emotions.


Rahul V Chittella, Amira Bhargava and Supriya Sharma’s ventures are attractive and sensible. The rest of the stories are not impressive. Satish Raj Kasireddi’s directorial venture is quite predictable and failed to attract the audiences, although it has a good plot. If all the stories are perfect, then we could have rated it high. But, they are not even in the concepts and the execution.

 What’s there?

Atul Kulkarni’s performance is impressive

Amira Bhargava’s direction is fantastic and the young boy has excelled in acting

Sanjay is perfect in executing the feelings

What’s Not There?

Satish Raj’s predictable story

Annie Zaidi’s science fiction story has no impressive plot


This anthology film has seven films and not all are impressive. However, we couldn’t misjudge the ones with good performance and direction. Leaving one or two stories, the remaining stories are worthy for the money spent. On the whole, it is a good choice to watch it for this weekend.