Plot nbsp Salman Khan plays the role of Prem the only male child who belongs to a family of six daughters and hence empathises the male sect In order to do s

Partner Movie Review

Partner Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Partner"
Runtime: 2 Hours 35 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 20-07-2007
Genre: Comedy, Romance
3 / 5.0

Plot: Salman Khan plays the role of Prem, the only male child who belongs to a family of six daughters and hence empathises the male sect. In order to do so, he advises and counsels the men in helping them charm and win the attention of the females and earns the title of ‘love guru’. Among the men he helps is Govinda as Bhaskar Chaudhry, who wants to impress his boss, a model, Priya Jaisingh played by Katrina Kaif. In the meanwhile, Prem falls in love with a journalist, Naina played by Lara Dutta. There love stories run well until they face the startling reality which gives their life a sharp turn.

Star performances: Govinda, has consistently performed as a superb comedy actor and so has he done in this particular movie. Salman’s acting too was good and right as usual. However, Katrina was pathetic to watch owing to her poor acting skills, poor command over the Hindi language.

What is there? The Salman-Govinda duo was worth watching as they hit the spotlight and were a delight to watch. They have acted opposite each other the first time. The editing and screenplay was quite good and appreciable.

What is not there? Katrina’s acting and presence decremented the quality of the movie. The music and songs in the movie were moderate and nothing extraordinary and at some point of the time unnecessary too. The script could have been worked a little more, and the better direction could have driven the movie towards perfection.

Verdict: The movie is entertaining enough to be watched although is a copy, or put in better words, a Bollywood remake of ‘Hitch’, its Hollywood counterpart. The climax of the movie is clichéd and has a typical Bollywood element added to it so if one intends to spend around two and a half hours usefully to feel fresh and de-stress oneself, this movie can fit into one of those choices pretty well.